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(A moment in time and following tracks)

The violin and bow collection of Bruce Babbitt.

A Violin Piece.  

50 violins and 43 bows.  Hardbound 256 pages. Limited Edition of 300 copies.  Reference quality photos by Nathan Tolzmann. 


( A moment in time and tracing tracks ) 

The violin and bow collection of Bruce Babbitt.  50 violins and 43 bows. Hardbound 256 pages. Limited Edition of 300 copies. Reference quality photos by Nathan Tolzmann.


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Bruce Babbitt has been involved with violins for over 40 years. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London. In this book, he takes the poetic license of combining the two.  

These violins and bows are things the author has set aside in most cases.  They were never meant to be a collection, only in the respect that they each were seen as beautiful examples of the maker's work.  The book is a glance at this group of things mid stride.  In the ..Proem..., the author tries to describe how the book came about, and the proposition that this journey, part wandering, part wondering, is in itself a work of art.  

Therefore this book, these 300 copies, makes up a Violin Piece.  

Other Books

Mr. Babbitt is also the publisher of Markneukirchen Violins and Bows and the author of NOWTHEN. He resides in Delaware, Ohio.

"Markneukirchen Violins and Bows" from Saxon and Bohemian Musikwinkel Late 19th and early 20th Century.

This much needed reference book illustrates the work of 29 violin makers and 37 bow makers with 52 violins and 62 bows. 320 pages with in depth introductions by Enrico Weller and Klaus Grünke text is in English and German.

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Please click the link above to purchse the book "Markneukirchen Violins and Bows" & to learn more about it.